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Champ de fleurs

Champ de fleurs

  Red Berry Creations 

Twelve enticing red berry-jam recipes, ranging from a classic combination of cultivated and wild strawberries to our surprising wild rose and raspberry little ‘uns jam.

Fruits rouges.png

  • Blackcurrant 

  • Black cherry 

  • Mixed red berry  

  • Gard strawberry  

  • Raspberry                              

  • Raspberry and blackcurrant 

  • Strawberry and wild strawberry 

  • Strawberry and raspberry Confiote des Titis – specially made for two small friends of mine

  • Morello cherry 

  • Morello cherry and redcurrant 

  • Blackberry  

  • Blueberry 


Silver 2018

   Patisserie Inspired Creations 

Ten gourmet recipes to delight young and old alike – our yummiest, most mouth-watering jams ever! 

  • Gingerbread-flavoured clementine 

  • Raspberry and dark chocolate fusion 

  • Melon with nougat chips 

  • Orange and dark chocolate New 2021     

  • Gourmet orange (flavoured with mascarpone, Cointreau and Bourbon vanilla) 

  • Pear and dark chocolate swirl with fresh cream 

  • Melt-in-the-mouth pear-cookie 

  • Apple and raspberry crumble 

  • Salted-butter apple

  • Cinnamon apple New 2022

  • Speculoos-cookie flavoured rhubarb 

Medaille bronze.png
  Culinary Creations   

Probably the most original collection of the Gourmet Spoon with some unique recipes that you will find nowhere else:

Confits artisanaux créations culinaires La Cuillère Gourmande

  • Spiced fig and apple chutney 

  • Sweet Cévennes onion chutney 

  • Sweet Cévennes onion chutney with local garrigue honey 

  • Champagne wine preserve

  • Muscat de Lunel wine preserve

  • Spiced red pepper chutney 

  • Indian-style apricot, pineapple and mango curry chutney

  • Rosemary preserve

  • Thyme preserve

  • Château Lamothe Despujols Sauternes wine preserve 

  • Languedoc AOC red wine preserve

Spirited Creations 



  • Chestnut, walnut and rum  

  • Spiced quince and pear with Grand Marnier 

  • Orange and Cointreau 

  • Bitter orange and his liquor “La Bigarde” New 2021

  • Raspberry with Champagne New 2022

  • Vine peach with Muscat Beaumes de Venise 

  • Apple, coconut and rum

An indulgent selection of heady concoctions with a zing in every spoonful!

Confitures artisanales créations enivrantes La Cuillère Gourmande
Orchard Fruits  Creations   

My favourite collection, probably because it allows me to use fruit that ripens on my own doorstep, giving me a virtually endless range of possibilities!


  • Apricot and Bourbon vanilla

  • Gard apricot and almond

  • Gard apricot 

  • Gard apricot and vine peach

  • Roussillon apricot 

  • Cévennes chestnut                 

  • Chestnut, pear and hazelnut 

  • Quince                                  

  • Gard fig * 

  • Purple fig

  • Melon and raspberry

  • Nectarine

  • Vine peach

  • Pear and Bourbon vanilla

  • Cévennes apple

  • Apple, pear and apricot

  • Lorraine Mirabelle plum and ginger

  • Reine Claude plum with garrigue honey *

  • Rhubarb

  • Rhubarb and strawberry

Bronze 2021


Silver 2019


Gold 2020

* Victim of its own success, available at the next harvest -> August 2022

 Citrus & Exotic  Creations 

I designed 11 recipes around citrus and exotic fruits. They are all very different from each other. There is something for everyone, from the most classic Bitter Orange to the most extraordinary Passion Fruit.


  • Menton-style lemon 

  • Kumquat                        

  • Limequat                      

  • Mango and orange

  • Seville orange 

  • Sweet Orange 

  • Congénies orange * 

  • Blood orange 

  • Grapefruit and maple syrup

  • Grapefruit and ginger     

  • Passion fruit (Maracuja)

Confitures artisanales créations agrumes La Cuillère Gourmande

* Victim of its own success, available at the next harvest -> Feb 2023

  Floral Creations   

Recipes that read like poetry, springtime and Mediterranean sunshine by the spoonful …

Confitures artisanales créations fleuries La Cuillère Gourmande

  • Provence apricot with a hint of lavender 

  • Rosemary-scented Gard apricot 

  • Raspberry with a hint of violets

  • Strawberry with a hint of poppy 

  • Garrigue-scented yellow peach

  • Rose petal


Silver 2019