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A little more about my story

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Homemade jams have been part of my life ever since I can remember. As a child I used to love dipping my finger into the jams my mother and grandmother used to make. And they were never short of ideas! The memory of those irresistibly tangy jams is probably what got me started – gave me the urge to create jams of my own.

Today I devote my time partly to jam making and partly to foraging for inspiration in the garrigue – the local scrubland just behind the workshop. Everyone at home tastes the jams and gives their opinion, keeping alive a family tradition that goes back to my childhood. It is this shared creative effort that makes La Cuillère Gourmande jams so special.


I take great pride in my craftsmanship and after joining the Collège Culinaire de France helped to create the Fédération des Artisans Confituriers de France (the federation of French artisan jam-makers), with me as one of its most active members.

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Inventive Creations

Exotic fruit, seasonal local fruit, spices that transport you to faraway places, enticing liqueurs, hints of flowers, patisserie or sometimes savoury delicacies – every jam I create is a delicate balance of flavours. And for me there is no bigger thrill than getting that balance just right: summoning my creativity to produce a jam that brings out the true flavour of the fruit. The name of my jams says it all: “La Cuillère Gourmande” – every luscious spoonful guaranteed to set the spirits and the taste buds tingling!


Discover our seven collections and our gift boxes of traditional and innovative jams to delight even the most demanding palate.

An eye to the futur ...

As the owner-operator of La Cuillère Gourmande I apply the same principles at work as I do in everyday life. I am committed to renewable energy, the efficient use of natural resources and the support of local business.


My own business is located in a small village in the south of France – a land nurtured by the sun, where aromatic herbs, fruits and flowers grow in abundance. Eventually I hope to grow all of my own produce. That way I can be sure that only the finest ingredients go into my jams: responsibly grown fruit, picked at the peak of ripeness, with the focus on quality over quantity. For me, “growing your own” is the key to a well-balanced business and a well-balanced life

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