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New artisanal jam and first collaboration with Cœur de Cuivre

Gourmet friends, we are happy to present to you one of our new perfumes of the year and our collaboration with Coeur de Cuivre, artisan distiller from Gard.

We have associated the bitterness of our artisanal bitter orange marmalade with the scents of this "La Bigarde" liqueur made from the same bitter oranges.

The liqueur "La Bigarde" was distilled by Julia de Coeur de Cuivre, in old stills dating from 1901 and 1906 ...

A marmalade full of pep's to delight your taste buds ...

This new artisanal jam is present in our new catalog, and already put in jars, so do not hesitate and do not delay in discovering it ...



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