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Our artisanal jam, awarded in 2021 - Apricot du Gard with Almonds - awaits you ...

The apricot season has started, despite the difficult weather conditions this spring, it is with pleasure that we delight in the apricots from the Gard which have been lacking for several months.

Our "Fruits du Verger" collection therefore rediscovers its perfumes of the June sun:

Apricot from the Gard

Apricot du Gard with Bourbon Vanilla - medalist in 2019

Apricot du Gard with Almonds - medalist in 2021

Apricot du Gard - Vine peach - gold medalist in 2020

Apricot du Gard and its rosemary note

Creations that smell like the first heat of summer ...

Our 2021 catalog is almost complete, while waiting for the Reine Claude and the Figs, so do not hesitate and do not delay in discovering it ...



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